“I’m not a kid any more. I’m an adult who wants to matter and be a real part of my community. I want to be independent and make my own decisions. I want to make my own friends. I want to be confident. I want to keep learning. I want to be a good person and a good citizen. I want to experience my community. I want to serve others. It’s not enough to just have a safe place to spend the day. I want more out of life than that.”


Utilizing individualized educational instruction, social experiences, and community service projects, Able to Serve continually challenges our participants to become who they want to be. We are committed to instilling higher expectations–in both our participants and our community–of what they can hope for in their lives.

Able to Serve sets a new standard for equipping people who have developmental disabilities to learn, grow, lead, and serve. We encourage our participants to aim high at:

  • understanding more about our community
  • developing new skills
  • trying new things
  • becoming the best they can be
  • accepting responsibility
  • working as a team
  • helping those in need
  • putting others ahead of self

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Our holistic approach to learning while living a fulfilling life includes:

  • socializing
  • studying topics of interest
  • exercising and playing games
  • expressing ourselves through music and art
  • making decisions
  • solving problems
  • practicing leadership skills
  • enhancing practical living skills
  • serving our community through hands-on projects


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For more information or to enroll in our day program, please call 919-779-5545.